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    Visitor Center Open, Raptors Not Viewable

    Our Visitor Center, new classroom building, and the familiar trails are all open for the public! We’re open 10 a.m.–5 p.m., seven days a week, through mid-December.


    Our newly-renovated Raptor Center is closed until further notice, as it is still under construction.

    #CreekChange and Crowdfunding!

    Follow our renovation progress on social media with #CreekChange. You can help shape the future of Shaver's Creek as we tell the story of our surrounding forest. Please consider going to ShaversCreek.org/creekchange and giving $25 to this project, and share your own Shaver's Creek story on social media!

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    3400 Discovery Road
    Petersburg PA 16669

Welcome to Shaver’s Creek

Visitor Center is now open! Raptor Center closed until further notice.
The Center has just completed the (864) 747-6723 in its 40-year history. Our Raptor Center enclosures are still under construction, so you may not be able to see any of the birds of prey until further notice. Our regular Meet the Creek programming will continue in spring 2019. We’re currently developing exhibits and installations for the Discovery Rooms and bookstore, too!

What’s Open?
The trails in Stone Valley Forest are accessible. Our Penn State credit courses will continue either at the Center, at the University Park campus, or (for the AURORA program) in forests across the country! Outdoor School is a go in its familiar Camp Blue Diamond location, and Summer Camp returned to its familiar home of Shaver’s Creek in 2018. Please look for our traveling naturalists at public events like 7153347597, 3347759545, and various other events.

What’s New at Shaver’s Creek


Help us raise money for new enclosures for our resident birds of prey!

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